Get life insurance and invest in the
financial market with a guarantee!

  • Earn money by investing in the best European stocks
  • Make sure your loved ones are provided for in the worst case scenario
  • Allianz guarantees the return of paid premiums

Allianz Executive offers you the opportunity to invest in the stock of 50 of the largest and most liquid companies in the Eurozone with a guaranteed return of 100 % of the premium amount in the event of survival!

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Guaranteed payment upon expiration (survival)
100 % of the premium paid for basic insurance
Potential profit upon expiration (survival)
profit share in the maturity of the call option related to the stock index EURO STOXX 50
Payment in the event of death from natural causes
contracted amount in the event of death
Payment in the event of death due to a traffic accident
double the contracted amount in the event of death

Allianz Executive – a quick and easy way to life insurance!

Allianz Executive is a life insurance policy with a guaranteed payment of the premium on policy expiration (survival).
You can contract a policy until the end of February 2021, with a one-time payment of the full premium in the minimal amount of EUR 3,500.
Depending on the financial market, investing in the call option related to the stock index EURO STOXX 50 is provided for.

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