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Legal protection in case of dispute
Compensation for litigation costs
Non-contractual civil liability of the Insured
Liability of the Insured for damages suffered by apartment owners in the same building
Compensation for costs of reputation repair
Compensation for the costs of psychological counseling
Compensation for the costs of damages resulting from occupational diseases of the Insured’s workers
Compensation for the costs of intentionally causing damage to someone who is under the Insured's liability

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The product provides you with comprehensive coverage for company managers - from small to multinational
Insurance protects the national economic interest
With this insurance, personal property of an individual is protected in case of an unintentional failure to run the company

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Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

To all business people who want to strengthen their business with additional insurance and to all those who want to protect themselves from risks such as endangering the property or bodies of third parties.


Professional Liability is the insurance that aims to protect professionals from damage that may arise from their professional activities. These can be doctors, lawyers, architects, etc.

The policy also protects members of the management board and directors, members of the supervisory board and all employees who have a management function. The policy protects the company's balance sheet, the interests of third parties, shareholders' capital and covers the costs of defending unfounded claims for damages.


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