Allianz Complementary Health Insurance offers you two packages of coverage

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A list of medicines
A+B list of medicines
Dispensing a prescription drug from the basic A list of drugs
Primary health care and hospital costs
Specialist examinations, diagnostics, laboratory tests
Orthopedic, dental and other aids
Digital participation card
Refund of one annual premium if you have not had a refund of participation in 5 years
Dispensing a prescription medicine from the supplementary B list of medicines - a maximum of 2 boxes per medicine

Monthly premium per package

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A list of medicines
A+B list of medicines
18 - 40 years old
5,97 EUR/45 kn
8,63 EUR/65 kn
41 - 60 years old
8,63 EUR/65 kn
12,61 EUR/95 kn
61+ years old
22,56 EUR/170 kn
33,18 EUR/250 kn

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Allianz Supplemental Health Insurance policy gives you a digital card as a payment method 

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Complementary Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

For an additional fee, you can also arrange the m-Doctor service, home care or a daily fee for hospital treatment due to an accident or illness. Of course, you can contract all of the three mentioned.
People over the age of 18 who care about their health, have compulsory health insurance and want to insure themselves against potentially high co-payments in health care costs.
Second medical opinion can be arranged with home care coverage.

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